13 more people killed as Cholera outbreak hits Jowhar district

Four  more people have died from Cholera at Buuroole village in Bakool region, raising the number killed by the disease to 24 since the outbreak was reported on Saturday.

Over patients are currently admitted in a special ward at Hudur Hospital suffering from the disease.

Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Bakool region has also set up camps in the district to help mitigate the fast spreading epidemic.

Mohamed Moalim, a resident in Buuroole village said lack of clean water for consumption has increased the spread of the killer disease.

“The outbreak has been attributed to unhygienic conditions in some sections of Hudur district especially in this village, we do not have clean water to drink as most of the boreholes in the area dried up,” said Moalim.

He said the disease was first reported two days from someone who traveled to the village and now many people recuperating the disease.

Cholera is transmitted through contaminated drinking water and causes acute diarrhoea, and the outbreak has been exacerbated by weeks of heavy rains in the region.

After a short incubation period of two to five days, the disease causes severe diarrhoea, draining the body of its water. The sudden and dramatic loss of fluid is often fatal.

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