200 New Somali Police Recruits Training course in Baidoa

200 new Somali Police Force (SPF) recruits have begun training course in Baidoa, offered by the police commissioners.

The new recruits are from all regions of the South West Administration and will be deployed to several towns.

Many towns of South-West state lack police stations for maintenance of law and order.

“And we hope that by the end of the course, by the end of the training, we will have new Somali Police Force members who are ready to restore hope and peace and confidence back to the citizens of Somalia, and long awaited peace will be restored back into Somalia,” said one the commanders offering the training.

At the end of their training, it is hoped that the recruits will have gained enough skills to help them police regions under the Interim South West Administration.

Recent months South-West has been speeding up the trainings for police force as to fill the gaps lawlessness several towns recently liberated by Somali National Army.

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