3 school children, passengers survive gun attack in Dharkenley, Mogadishu

Five people among them three secondary school children from the same family survived gunshot attack while travelling in a public transport bus in Darkenley district, in the outskirts of Mogadishu this morning.

The three children; a boy and two girls were heading to school (Al-Anwaar) when the incident happened. According to the aunt who declined to be named, one of the girls named Hodan Dahir was hit by a bullet while the second girl-Saafiyo Dahir jumped from the bus.

The aunt who said she was not at the scene but received the information also told Goobjoog News the boy identified as Zakaria Dahir also jumped and was run over by the bus. Two other passengers were injured.

The injured were taken to Shaafi hospital in Mogadishu for treatment. According to the aunt, Ajibka area where the incident happened has a checkpoint controlled by militias and that they may have been demanding money before firing at the bus.


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