Gunmen kill Somali police officer in Mogadishu

Unidentified gunmen have killed a Somali police officer in the capital Mogadishu on Monday evening, the latest in armed assaults targeting the government official and security personnel.

According to eyewitness who asked anonymity, the incident took place when assailants opened fire at Ali Afweyne in Hilwaa neighbourhood.

The assailants have escaped before the security forces reached the scene of the crime.

The security forces launched an operation to pursue the perpetrators in Hilwaa district.

The local administration has blamed Al-Shabaab for the killing of Afweyne, although no one has yet claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Al-Shabaab has in the past carried out numerous attacks, including suicide bombings on the government installations, hotels, and military bases of SNA and AMISOM.

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