Bodyguard shoots Elwak Deputy District Commissioner

Somalia’s southern town, Elwak whcih is at Somalia’s border with its neighbouring Kenya

By: Ahmed Mohamed 

A bodyguard on Thursday night shot and wounded the deputy district commissioner of Elwak, Sahal Moalim Adan following fall out between the two.

According Elwak residents, the commissioner was rushed to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

The officer who shot the commissioner was reported to have fled from the scene.

It is yet unclear whether, the soldier was enticed by the terror group Al-Shabaab which numbers of times bribed  soldiers to assassinate high ranked officials.

The security forces in Elwak have launched operation to pursue the renegade officer.

Elwak town which is close to Somali-Kenya border has been attacked several by the fighters of Al-Shabaab militant group which wants to overthrow internationally recognized Somali government.

Parts of Somalia’s southern region, Gedo has controlled by Al-Shabaab fighters who frequently attacks Somalia’s neighbours particularly Kenya.

The group has been stepped up its attacks ahead of the Holy Month, Ramadhan.

Last two days, suspected Al-Shabaab fighters who crossed the porous border between Somalia and Kenya have over 10 people inside Kenya.

Elsewhere in Somalia, a suicide bomber believed have been Al-Shabaab member blew up himself near a restaurant close Mogadishu port.

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