A man stabbed to death over water dispute near Qardho

The searing heat coupled with shortage of water can turn deadly, sometimes. This was proved on when a dispute over water led to a murder and injury to residents living in the outskirt of Qordho.

A man was stabbed to death after he engaged quarrel with another over water disputes in the outskirt of Qardho town in Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland.

The deceased was stabbed after he got into a brawl with his neighbour, which prompted the accused to use to knife and the stabbed the deceased several times.

According to residents the two men were filling drinking water in their neighbourhood late last night when they got into an altercation, following which the killer stabbed the victim to death and fled from the spot.

The victim was rushed to a nearby dispensary where he was declared dead.

Elsewhere accused killed was said to have injuries inflicted by the deceased during the confrontation.

Arguments over land use, boreholes and pasture have perennially contributed to fighting among Somali people who are largely pastoralists.

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