A Roundtable Discussion on Security in Garowe

Reports from the semi-autonomous regional State, Puntland indicate that the security discussion conference held in the capital administrative of Puntlant, Garowe in attendance with Punland’s security minister, assistant minister for interior, deputy minister for environment, traditional elders, representatives of civil society and other Puntland government officials.
The aim of the meeting to discuss about the security of Puntland state which has become a hotbed for Attacks as Al Shabaab carried out three deadly attacks within a month and how .
The attendees of the gathering have agreed upon to work one another closely, to collaborate with the security forces and to accept any presidential verdict.
This comes after the sacking of two top security officials- Puntland Intelligence Agency (PIA) Director Abdi Hassan Hussein and Deputy Police commander Mohiyadin Ahmed Aw Musse-in a presidential decree.
The minister for security, Hassan Osman Aloore Speaking at the meeting has underlined that the security Garowe town is at reliable stage and that the town hosted many meetings.
Aloore called upon people of Garowe town to work with security forces hand in hand.

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