Abdirahman Hosh:Badbaado and TTQ caucuses will not give vote of confedence to the new government

Some of Somali Caucus committee reiterated that they would not give vote of confidence to the government of prime minister Abdirashiid on saturday.
Abdirahman Hoosh Jibril, spokesman for Toosinta Taladada Qaranka stated at a press conference that Badbaado and Toosinta Taladada Qaranka(TTQ) caucuses agreed upon to rebuff  the new government.
Hoosh added that they would not allow few individuals to derail the interest of Somali people as looking for another personal interest.
Mr Hosh underlined that the newly announced cabinet was not alienated as on a national scale but for personal curiosity.
On the other hand the chairman of TTQ caucus, Abdullahi Godah Barre urged the parliamentarians to be stringent on their decision and not to support the new government.
The fate of the newly established government is on a beam-balance however the newly appointed cabinet will seek vote of confidence before the parliament on 13th of this month.

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