Abdishakur: I Don’t Accept Today’s Court’s Verdict

Abdirahman Abdishakur speaking to the media today in Wadajir Party complex in Mogadishu. Photo credit: Goobjoog Media.

Somali politician Abdirahman Abdishakur brushed aside today’s decision by the Banadir Regional Appeal Court on his case.

Speaking to the media today in Wadajir Party office in Mogadishu, Abdishakur emphasized on his refusal of acceptance by the decision of the court.

Banadir Regional Appeal Court today ruled in absentia that he cannot leave the country until his case is completed and gave the go ahead to the office of the attorney general to pursue further investigations on his case.

Politician Abdishakur termed the court’s decision a politically motivated one to smear on his reputation, to restrict his movements and his political ambitions among others.

In the same venue, he also condemned the court’s verdict on the 8 lawyers saying it amounted to a mass punishment when they refused to represent him in the court.

He expressed his amazement on the top leaders of the country and the judiciary how they ignored the illegal attack carried on his house and the subsequent killings of his security staff.

Referring to the verdict reached by the court, he mentioned as an indication on the darkness wrapped upon the supremacy of the constitution accusing the top leaders of the government of mobilizing preplanned assassinations and arraigning political opponents in the courts.

He predicted that one day the current leaders of the government and judiciary department will be held accountable.

He appealed to his supporters to be calm and commended the traditional elders and other stakeholders who helped him in his case.

Abdishakur represented Wadajir Party as a candidate in the last presidential election in Somalia in 2017.

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