Acute diarrhoea kills five, about 30 infected in Baidoa

An outbreak of acute diarrhoea in Baidoa, the administrative capital of Southwest State and areas around the town, has killed at least five people in the last twenty-four hours, medical sources said on Wednesday.

The medical officers in Baidoa said over thirty more people have fallen ill as a result of the latest outbreak, which began in this month in the village.

“Five people have died in Baidoa Hospital and over thirty other are recuperating from the disease,” one of medical officers at Baidoa Hospital.

He called on the federal government and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the residents.

Aid organizations have been working to help those already sick and to prevent the epidemic from spreading further.

“The situation here is worrisome. The number of cases is growing fast and we need more support,’’ he said.

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