Adado based MPs ‘sack’ president Haaf in another controversial vote

Galmudug President Ahmed Duale Haaf (C) and Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a leader, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir (L) join hands during a flag-raising ceremony in Dhusamareb. Photo: online

In yet another controversial vote which has reduced Galmudug parliament into a political circus akin to the game of musical chairs, state MPs allied to ousted speaker Ali Asir have voted to strip president Ahmed Geele Haaf of the presidency.

The MPs, 47 of them in a sitting chaired by Asir in Adado voted to send home Haaf whose faction in Dhusamareb Thursday handed a similar treat to Asir.

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Haaf survived a similar vote last October after Asir allied MPs voted to oust him. But the vote which had the backing of the federal government did not succeed as federal state leaders shored up support for Haaf assuring him a stay.

Meanwhile the Dhusamareb based MPs today tabled a no confidence motion against state vice president Mohamed Hashi Arabay an ally of Asir. A total of 97 MPs tabled the motion which comes two days after the same MPs voted to send Asir packing.

The legal standing of the motions remain in question.

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