Cadado elders reject to attend Galmudug reconciliation conference

Galmudug reconciliation committee had today hosted a meeting with the elders and intellectuals of Adado town.

The two sides have discussed issues related to the reconciliation conference in Galmudug and how the people of Adado can participate in the reconciliation conference at the administrative capital of Dhusamareb.

In a long hour meeting, the elders of Adado have rejected to attend the Galmudug reconciliation conference in Dhusamareb.

The elders have also noted that Adado is the headquarter of Galmudug parliament and expressed that it should have been in Adado to build a united Galmudug state.

The Galmudug reconciliation conference organizing committee has already made their trips to Hirale Hashi, Balanbal, Caabudwaaq and Galkayo, and all the areas that have gone to intellectuals have shared their plans.

Goobjoog News

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