Agreement reached over appointment of HirShabelle new ministers

HirShabelle president and his state MPs have agreed upon the method of selecting new state ministers for the state assembly.

The methodology to select the new state ministers was deliberated in a meeting held last night in Jowhar attended by the state president Mohamed Abdi Ware, his Deputy, state Speaker and MPs.

It was proclaimed president Aware be given the opportunity to appoint ministers outside the state MPs for his new administration.

Meanwhile president Aware informed his state MPs he will subject his selection of ministers to face them before his final nomination takes place in order to create working relationship between him and his state MPs.

For the past few days, HirShabelle state has been experiencing political tension on the manner of selecting the new ministers.

Mohamed Abdi Ware, an agriculturalist was elected president of Hirshabelle state in the middle of September 2017.

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