Agriculture competition TV show finalized yesterday in Mogadishu

Agriculture TV show competition (TartanTacab) hosted by Goobjoog Media Group and Sponsered by Geel project was yesterday finalized in Mogadishu.

The closing ceremony of the agriculture competition which was held at City Palace hotel in Mogadishu was attended by guest of honours from the federal government of Somalia and the international organisations in the country.

Five groups each made up of five students from five different universities have been competing to win the farming competition monitored and judged by a panel of experts in the field.

Each group of the competitors have been given a piece of land provided by its respective university and one season to grow, while the GEEL project has sponsored all other resources and materials needed by the contestants.

At the closing ceremony of yesterday, all the contestants from five different universities have presented their activities during the competition of the last five months.

Dr Ibrahim Dagane Ali Senior Agricultural Value Chain Specialist of GEEL Project who was among the panel highlighted the importance of the farming competition by the young generation and encouraged them to continue their efforts.

Hassan Mohamud Mohamed Goobjoog Media Group manager has also highlighted the opportunities to improve agricultural economics in the country and appreciated the effort of Goobjoog to host such an important competition.

After all the contestants have ended their performance the judges and the panel experts have also paid the remarks.

City University was announced as the winner of the competition (TartanTacab) was awarded 5000 USD, Zamzam University who emerged number two in the competition was also awarded 3000 USD and lastly, Darul Hikma University who was number three were awarded 2000 USD.

Lastly the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture Prof Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud concluded the closing ceremony as he has praised the efforts of Geel project and Goobjoog Media Group and the experts judges along the way  and called the young farmers to learn how to make the most of the land they have and attract more young people getting into farming as a profitable business.

The agriculture competition (TartanTacab) is Somalia’s first televised agriculture competition of its kind which was intended to encourage and promote youth involvement in agriculture.

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