Al-Shabaab fighters killed in Jubbaland, weapons recovered

Four Al-Shabaab fighters have been killed in Southern Somalia after a battle with Somali security services, Jubbaland officials said Friday.

The spokesman for Jubbaland State, Sayid Ahmed confirmed that special security forces had conducted a successful operation that led to the death of the four Al-Shabaab fighters.

“Jubbaland special security forces carried out the operation at Bula-Haji location, there was heavy fighting, but our forces overpowered and killed 4 Al-Shabaab fighters,

“They recovered four AK 47 rifles and a civilian bus in which they robbed from locals in this town, we will hand over the vehicle to a woman who belonged to soon,” Ahmed said.

Al-Shabaab in recent months has faced heavy defeat from a combined force of Amisom and the Somali national army who with the help of the US forces have managed to liberate several areas that had been under the control of the militants.

African Union peace-keeping Mission (AMISOM)  forces with the help of the Somali national army and US forces have launched joint military operations to eliminate the groups from the areas.

Al-Shabaab still controls remote areas in southern and southwest areas of Somalia.


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