Al-Shabaab fighters seize areas in Dhanaane of Lower Shabelle, Somalia

Reports from Lower Shabelle region indicate that Al-Shabaab fighters have taken over Dhanaane area of lower Shabelle region Somalia.

Reports confirm that the Somali National Army forces have vacated this area due to lack of their salary payment of the last four months.

The Somali National Army forces in Lower Shabelle region has recently announced that they have not paid their wages for four months, calling the federal government of Somalia to consider for their rights.

Al-Shabaab fighters have called the local residents into a square and addressed them about the security of the area on which they have arrested some resident in the town.

Sources said the militants forcibly assembled locals in a public square and addressed them.

The group has suffered sustained pressure in 2019 from joint operations by Somali national army forces packed with Amisom forces and continues US airstrikes.

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