Al-Shabaab kills a soldier and injures Jalalaqsi DC in an ambush

One soldier has been killed and several others including Jalalaqsi district commissioner, Mohamed Abdulle Fidow, wounded in an ambushed carried out Al-Shabaab fighters on Thursday in central Somalia.

The convoy carrying the DC was attack in between Jowhar and Jalalaqsi towns after Al-Shabaab fighters waylaid it.

Jalaksi Police Commissioner Farah Aden Gafow said that Al-Shabaab carried out an ambush against the governor’s convoy which was en route from Jowhar town to Jalaksi.

“The terrorists carried out an ambush against the convoy of the governor of Jalaksi town. One soldier died and two other soldiers were seriously wounded, the governor escaped with a slight injury on his hand,” Gafow said.

The police commissioner added that the government soldiers engaged the militants in heavy gunfire but could not tell the number of casualties on the militant’s side.

Al Shabaab did not comment on the attack, which was the latest in a wave of ambushes on Somali government troops and the African Union forces in south and central Somalia.

Jalalaksi is a town in Hiiraan region in central Somalia and it is under Hirshabelle state administration.

The town is still under siege imposed by Al-Shabaab fighters after they lost the town control to Somali forces backed by African Union troops.

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