Al-Shabaab recaptured SNA base in Hiran region

Reports from Hiran region say that a fierce battle between Somali National Army and Al-Shabaab fighters occurred early Saturday morning.

The fighting erupted in the area of ​​Farlibah, about 45 Kilometers from Beledweyne town, the headquarters of Hiran region. Residents say that after the war, Al-Shabaab took full control of Farlibah district after the Transitional Federal Government forces have withdrawn from the area.

Reports further indicate that Al-Shabaab had publicly preached the people of ​​Farlibah district for hours. It is not yet known the exact casualties and the location of the government troops and there are no reports of military officials leaving the area.

Al-Shabab has been flashed out in 2012 from farlibah district by the AMISOM with Somali national army since then it has been a peaceful area after government troops made several operations in the location with the help of resident.

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