Al-Shabaab retakes town vacated by Jubbaland forces

Al-Shabaab fighters retook the control of southern Somalia’s small strategic town of Beerhani barely a day it fell under the control of Jubbaland forces.

On Friday, Jubbaland forces backed by AMISOM troops had dislodged Al-Shabaab fighters from the town which lies just 45KM southwest of Kismayo town.

The Somali troops who vacated the town have retreated back to a nearby village, where reports say they are planning a new counter-attack to regain control of the area.

According to residents of Berhani town, allied troops pulled out of the town.

Local residents said Al Shabaab fighters with fighting vehicles moved in the town Saturday morning, seizing the police station and the main administrative headquarters.

“We woke up to the town captured by Al Shabaab fighters and patrolling all streets, there was no any gunfight during the take-over,” a resident said on condition of anonymity.

Al Shabaab militants hoisted their flag on the top buildings and lectured residents to inform them their comeback, according to the anonymous resident.

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