Al-Shabaab serve as double agents in govt-former Security spokesman

A Somali military officer and residents look at the scene of an explosion at a checkpoint near Somalia’s parliament and interior ministry in Mogadishu, Somalia March 25, 2018 REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Al-Shabaab militants work within the Somali government as double agents, a former Security spokesman has sensationally claimed.

In an interview with the respected US magazine Foreign Policy, Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim who served as spokesman for Internal Security ministry until last month warned the infiltration had created serious problems in the war against Al-Shabaab. Ibrahim resigned last month following an Al-Shabaab attack on the Interior and Security headquarters in Mogadishu.

“I have no doubt that al-Shabab have infiltrated the Federal Government of Somalia as double agents,” Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim said.

The admission which if it holds true casts a spell on the joint Somali government and international community’s efforts in stabilizing Somalia adds to concerns raised in the past on how Al-Shabaab fighters have been able to acquire police uniforms.

In several attacks including last month’s deadly bombing at the Interior Ministry, the militants were clad in uniforms similar to the ones by Somali security forces enabling them elude several checkpoints.

Other sources interviewed by the magazine claimed Al-Shabaab was becoming a hit squad for members of government and even those of the international community to eliminate their enemies.

“According to the Defense Ministry advisor (who is not named), the magazine said, “It’s an open secret that members of the government—and even members of the international community—will hire al-Shabaab to kill or intimidate their political rivals.”

Interior Ministry promised to issue a rejoinder following a request from Goobjoog News for response.


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