Somaliland Opposition Leader Warns Against The Collapse Of The Ruling Party

The chairman of Somaliland’s opposition, Justice And Development party (UCID), Feysal Ali Warabe has commented on the political rifts with ruling party Kulmiye (Peace, Unity and Development party).

Faisal stated that Somaliland cannot bear political fallouts as the nation steering towards and sweep the way to international recognition.

“There was ten political party disintegrated therefore urge the leaders not to dismantle, you have to mark that Kulmiye is the current ruling” he said.

He call on the sides to resolve the rift within the candidates of the party and lead the limenation towards free and fair election.

“It is good to exercise accountability and transparency to select candidates of the party so that the sides agree the outcome” he noted.

Limelight after Kulmiye party have witnessed several political rift within the members over the leadership position.

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