Alshabab attacks Abuu Mansur in his own backyard

Alshabab fighters attacked Sheikh Mukhtar Robow alias Abuu Mansur this morning in his hideout in Abal location in Bakol region.

News coming in indicates that Alshabab fighters are led by senior leaders.

Latest developments allege that Abu Mansur fighters are having the upper hand in the confrontation.

It is now almost the third assault by Alshabab fighters on Abu Mansur since the fighting began and they met with fierce resistance from his fighters. He is surrounded by battle hardened fighters from his own clan.

Causalities from the attacked are yet known since the fighting is still going on and the location is very remote with little direct human contact.

Abuu Mansur left the insurgents in 2013 and retreated to his homeland over disagreement on using foreign fighters in the group.

June 2012 United States placed his head on US $5 million but later removed his name from the List of Terrorism where they pardoned him June 2017 for his moderation of insurgent activities.

Pundits believe that Alshabab sees a bitter pill to gall down if Abuu Mansur defects to the government and being one time second in command, will divulge classified information into the group’s ways of operations and existence.

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