Ansaloti market in Mogadishu reopened

Banadir administration has publicized today that one of the biggest markets in the capital, Ansaloti market in Hamar Jajab district has been reopened.

Political affairs vice chairman of Banadir region Mohamed Adan aka Anagel who officially opened the market said the market is open and will resume the business activities.

He added that the market will positively contend with other markets in the region to boost the services to the people.

One of the business people who spoke to Goobjoog FM said she is happy to see Ansaloti market coming back as a provider of essential services to the people.

The market has been functioning well since early 1990s when the central government was overthrown.

After the opening of the market, Banadir administration officials have supervised all the parts of the market.

Banadir administration has on Feburary this year unveiled the renovation of the market after two decades of clossure.

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