Arrest of journalist illegal and threat to freedom of expression-Goobjoog Media Group

Goobjoog Media Group has called for the immediate release of its journalist terming the arrest and subsequent prosecution a violation of the law and suppression of freedom of expression in Somalia.

In a statement to newsrooms, Goobjoog Media Group (GMG) said the arrest of Ali Adan Mumin raised concerns about the rights of journalists and Somalis at large calling on the government to release the journalist.

“The arrest of Goobjoog Media Group journalist Ali Adan Mumin is illegal and contrary to the Constitution and any laws of the land,” the statement read in part.

The media group said it was incumbent upon the government as the custodian of the constitution to release the journalist.

Goobjoog Media Group is yet to understand the charges levelled against the journalist and any attempts to seek information from the police have not been forthcoming.

The media outlet based in Mogadishu also expressed concerns that the arrest of the journalist which adds to prior intimidations by the government is a further step towards eroding freedom of expression in Somalia.

“Goobjoog Media Group which has been subjected to threats and intimidation by security agencies before is concerned that the arrest of Mumin is yet another attempt to suppress media freedom and media professionals who have been operating under fear from the Federal Government.”

Mumin is expected to appear in court today.


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