Attorney General Urges Government to Speed up Bills to Reform Justice

Attorney GeneralThe attorney general Mr. Ahmed Dahir has urged the cabinet and the parliament to speed up the three critical bills to reform the justice system in the country.

These included Judicial Service Commission’s Bill, the highest decision making body of the judiciary, and also the attorney general office bill.

He also urged the completion of the bill that deals with the overall justice system; this draws the boundaries the powers between federal and regional courts “The current bill we have now is for a centralized government, and state of a federal one, we need to have a bill that accommodate the regional courts” said the attorney general.

He was talking at a ceremony where the justice ministry showcased 17 newly hired attorneys who would be attached to the office of the attorney general.

On the other hand Hon Ahmed called upon the new recruits to exercise their full mandate to monitor and supervise the detention centers in the country “You need to go every detention centers in the country and interview those held there, if you found out that they are imprisoned unlawfully, you have the power to suspend the commander of the detention center on the spot, where he is intelligence, police station commander or prison commander” said the attorney general.

He took issue with the state of corruption and tribalism in the country which he said is wreaking havoc in the justice system. He warned the new staff to guard against that.

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