AU launches Operation Antelope to open up roads in HirShabelle state

The African Union Mission in Somalia’s (AMISOM) Burundi contingent and United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) have jointly embarked on an operation code named “antelope”  to open up key supply routes in Somalia’s youngest regional state, HirShabelle.

In press statement, AMISOM Sector 5 Commander in AU’s Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Middle Shabelle, Venuste Nduwayo said Antelope operation which is already underway will see more than 150 kilometres of roads rehabilitated in the agricultural rich region of Somalia.

Nduwayo said the roads included the Jowhar Airfield to Jowhar Town, Biyo-Adde to Jowhar Town, Mahadaay to Elbaraf, Biyo-Adde to Raga-elle, and Raga-elle to Mogadishu, among others will be cleared.

The statement further highlighted that the operation is intended to open the roads to facilitate humanitarian access, support the local population to move their crops from farms to markets, and assist the military to get access to forward operating bases (FOB) in the sector.

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