Auto drivers protest against goverment forces in Mogadishu

Hundreds of auto rickshaw drivers gathered at KM4 in Mogadishu to protest alleged harassment by security forces.

They alleged being subjected to penalties, assaults and damage to vehicles under the pretext of the new autorickshaw fare implementation drive.

“In the last two weeks, while plying on city roads, we have been intercepted at many places and one of  collegeues was killed three days ago at Dabka junction and another injured by the government forces at Beerta Jaadka (Khat farm). They also abuse us and slam our vehicles with lathis, damaging them,” said one of the auto-rickshow driver who declined his name.

He added “The drivers are angry because they are being treated like animals. We don’t mind the officials taking action against drivers.”

They also complain of constant harassment by the municipal soldiers who they said beat them in public and drag them in the streets.

They put up barricade, hampering movement of traffic through the busy highway and causing tailback.

The security forces rushed in and charged triggered a chase and counter-chase.

Police also fired bullets to bring the situation under control.



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