Auto-rickshaw divers in Garowe town stage demos against an increase of Tax

Hundreds of auto-rickshaw drivers in Garowe town of Puntland state on Monday staged demonstrations complaining of what they termed as excessive tax imposed by the Puntland administration

Some of the drivers told Goobjoog News that they are protesting because of the high taxes imposed by the local government which is unfair and is unreasonable.

the local government have imposed 10 extra dollars which we have never paid before which will make things worse for the local people.

The drivers added that if the driver gets sick and the rickshaw lays idle for a month or two still the government wants the 10 dollars charged for the month and if one refuses he is subjected to imprisonment.

The popular three-wheeled public transport is seen to be driving the country’s economy forward and employs thousands of youth in the country.

Authorities are yet to respond to the claims made by the protesting drivers.

Goobjoog News

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