Baladwein IDPs in desperate situation

The administration of Baladwein district has expressed concern over humanitarian crisis in IDP comps in Baladwein town.
Deputy Commissioner of Baladwein district, Abdifatah Dahir, who toured IDP comps in Baladwein, told the media that situation of IDPs facing which requires quick response.
“Their living conditions are  dire due to shortage of food and other basic needs in these comps” Mr. Dahir said.
He noted that if emergency support is not delivered to the people in the comps, the crisis might become tragic.
He called on well-wishers, federal government of Somalia, local and international humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the vulnerable people.
Over 400 families are currently in Baladwein comps that are living in deplorable conditions after they were displaced by local conflicts in the region.

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