Banadir governor halts illegal construction on a governmental land in the city

The new Banadir governor Abdirahman Omar Osman speaking i a past function. Photo credit: Online.

Banadir administration yesterday officially halted further illegal construction on a government land known as Biyaaaso Libaro located in Hamar Jabab district, Mogadishu.

Abdirahman Omar Osman aka Yarisow, the new governor, pointed out that his office will protect government lands and no person is permitted to benefit exclusively from a national property.

“This decree we used to stop the construction done on Biyaaso Liibaro national plot is one of our major policies to safeguard the property of the government. We shall not going to tolerate a national property to be utilized for a personal gain” read the decree.

Governor Yarisow stated that all the governmental lands to be secured and will brought under the control of the government in a transparent way to prevent dishonesty dealings.

“We are pursuing all lands that belong to the government till we get them back. We are determined to fight corruption and we shall work in an  accountable way and display good governance” said the official statement.

The decree also orders the local administration in Hamar Jabab to directly supervise the plot which is within its jurisdiction.

In the same breath, the security departments are reminded to execute their national responsibilities in order to protect government property.

This is the first step taken by the new governor since he took office 3 days ago.

The said plot in Hamar Jabab is partially built where the foundation work has been completed.

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