Breaking: Car explosion hits the Somali Presidential Palace front gate

At least 4 people have been injured with one in serious condition following a suicide car blast at the front gate of Somali presidential Villa.
The four people confirmed so far wounded were inside SYL Hotel performing Maqrib (evening) prayer when the explosion took place.
Mohmad Dahir, a former Barkulan radio director is confirmed to have sustained light injuries.
A Somali military vehicle went up in flames with claims it might have been hit by the explosion.
Witnesses told Goobjoog News the explosives-laden car blew up at the front game of the Villa opposite the popular SYL Hotel which has been a target of attacks by The militant group A-Shabaab.
The explosion comes a day the country’s leadership and international partners have been attending a national consultative conference at Villa Somalia.
However there are no reports if any of the leaders may have been a target of the blast.
Somalia today joined other countries in the world in marking the international peace day.
Nobody or group has claimed responsibility for the explosion. However Al-Shabaab has conducted similar attacks in the past.

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