BREAKING: Leave Somalia in 7 days, government orders Gulen linked organisations in the country

The government of Somalia has issued a seven days ultimatum to organisations affiliated to the US based Turkish cleric Fettulah Gulen movement to leave the country following the failed coup attempt linked to Gulen.

Goobjoog News has exclusively learnt an ongoing cabinet meeting in Mogadishu has declared that organisations related to or funded by the Gulen movement to leave the country in the wake of the failed coup.

Turkish president Reccep Erdogan Saturday accused Gulen who is based in the US of being behind the attempted military coup which the government has indicated it foiled and that all military officers involved have been arrested.

Nile Academy and Deva hospital, two of the major organisations targeted by the government are based in Mogadishu and have been providing education and medical services to thousands in the country.

Somalia issued a similar decree against Iranian based organisations in the country last year following differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the conflict in Yemen.

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