Breaking news: Delegation led by Somali premier jets off to Adado

A high delegation led by Somalia’s Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali is heading to Adado amid the territorial dispute between Puntland and Galmudug is escalating.

The delegation is expected to meet with officials and elders from the Galmudug to defuse the tension which risks further clashes between Galmudug and puntland.

The prime minister and his delegation will proceed to Garowe town to hold talks with the leaders of Puntland and then to Galkayo town.

After the death of eleven civilians and injuries of fifty others, unpredictable ceasefire has taken an effect following joint mediation efforts by respected elders from the sides

Galkaayo town is divided into two zones, where the northern portion forms part of Puntland state, while its southern part is governed by the Galmudug administration.

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