Breaking News: Three dead in Afgooye quarry collapse

At least three people were killed in a quarry collapse just one kilometre outside Afgooye town witnesses said.

Tens of workers were at the site digging for sand for use in building construction when the sudden collapse occurred.

“This was a tragedy. 3 dead bodies were discovered from under the collapsed quarry and still some others are missing,” witness said.

A worker who survived the accident, told Goobjoog that he had seen 3 bodies.

“I have never witnessed quarry collopsion, I was lucky to be outside of the cave when it collapsed,” he said.

Another witness said those who died were digging deep inside a cave when it collapsed.

“Bulldozers have been used as well as people digging with their hands, but unfortunately only a few were lucky enough to come out alive,” he added.

The quarry is often packed with casual workers hoping to make living from the building boom in Somalia, which was badly destroyed by decades of civil war.

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