Breakthrough agreement on Hiran and Middle Shebelle state building conference in Jowhar

In agreement mediated by Somali Parliament leadership, Federal MPs from Hiran and middle Shebelle agreed on this Saturday to drop the motion against state building conference in Jowhar.

Federal MPs from the two regions and Somali government will work together to end the sticking points of conference within forty five days as according to the agreement. The sticking points include ending the standoff between the government and elders. Concerns of the elders should be addressed genuinely. Says the agreement

Somali Federal Parliament speaker Mohmmad Osman Jawari and his two deputies mediated the talks after opposing MPs submitted motion and cross motion to the House.

Somali President Hassan sheikh Mahmoud involved the agreement through his close friend MP Farah Abdiqadir. Goobjoog news learns

The agreement calls to enter immediately the state building process such as deciding conference delegates, electing state assembly and the president. These points proofed difficult for the conference in the past and Compromise must guide the two parts’ decisions. Says Federal MP who asked not to be named

Somali interior and federalization ministry will brief Federal Parliament about the conference two times monthly.

The agreement comes after months of standoff between Villa Somalia and number of Mps and elders from the two regions. Jowhar state building conference has met setbacks as result  of disagreement that sometimes forced the confrence to to be halted.






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