Bulo Burde administration decry the security failure by the state and federal authorities

The town centre of Bulo Burde, Hiran region, Hirshabelle State. Photo credit: Online

Local administration in Bulo Burde yesterday pointed out the failure of the HirShabelle state and the federal government to maintain security in the area due to the perpetual siege imposed on feeding roads to the town by Alshabab fighters.

Local commissioner Abdi Dair Karore noted the failure of the state and federal authorities to supply the local residents with food and health provisions who are under siege for a long time yet the matter is well known to the country leaders.

“No ministry that help us neither the federal government nor the state authorities. The Somali government knows us being ostracized. I am here for 6months and I have not yet seen any federal minister whether the security or the defense ones. Even the latter has no idea if there are government soldiers in the area” lamented Commissioner Karore.

In 2014 the town was taken over from Alshabab fighters by the Somali national army with Amisom troops which prompted Alshabab to barricade completely the movement of transport vehicles entering the town.

Buloburde is 108 km southeast of Beledweyne town and is situated along the Shabelle River and the second largest town in Hiran after the provincial capital Beledweyne.

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