Claims by NISA on contracts political- ex security minister

Former Security Minister and sitting MP Abdirizak Mohamed has dismissed claims by the intelligence agency NISA that it stopped contracts worth millions of dollars he approved while in office terming them as political mudslinging.

Responding to a tweet by the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Mohamed said Sunday the contracts referred to by the intelligence agency met the procurement standards and endorsed by treasury.

“Last night NISA issued a statement through Twitter that it had suspended multi million contracts signed by ex-security minister,” said Mohamed. “This is a political ploy; these projects passed public procurement threshold set by the ministry of finance.”

NISA said Saturday it has stopped contracts worth millions of dollars in the internal security ministry following reports from the Auditor General.

The projects, Mohamed said were being implemented by NISA, the contractors and the finance minister noting his only role was to append the signature since they was prepared by the ministry of finance.

The MP observed that the move by NISA to make the announcement two years later is because of his criticism of the government noting the statement was meant to settle political scores.

It was not clear which projects the intelligence agency referred to and what the role of the Criminal Investigations Department whose docket such work falls into was.


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