Clashes flare up in Baledwyne after barely a 24 hour lull

Fighting has entered the second day in Somalia’s central town, Baladweyne, located 350Km north of Mogadishu barely a day after  six people killed in fighting

The fighting which lulled yesterday evening has reignited from Baladweyne’s Howlwadaag neighborhood.

Goobjoog News correspondent in Baladweyne says Sporadic gunfire and sound of the machine guns could be heard across the city.

The fighting that started on Tuesday claimed lives of at least five people and seven others injured, according to Medics.

Most of the local residents in area started fleeing their homes in fear of fighting between the two sides.

The two clans severally clashed over control of boreholes and pasture in areas around the town, according to our correspondent in Baladweyne town Khalid Ilka Asse.

The two clans have fought over the region several times in the past, in less than a year the latest one claimed lives two AMISOM soldiers after the troops tried to intervene.

Somali government has been able to mediate between the groups, a lasting ceasefire has never been achieved.

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