Conference on Regional Somali Language Academy Concludes in Mogadishu

IMG_3840A week long conference on Somali language and the establishment of regional Somali Language academy has concluded in Mogadishu on Wednesday.

The conference which saw president of Djibouti Ismeal Omar Guelleh and president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamed laid the foundation stone on 21st February for the regional academy, brought together delegates from four horn African nations with inhabitants of Somali speaking residents.

After the closing ceremony, the conference released 14 points communiqué adapted by the participants.

  1. To establish formally the Regional Somali Language Academy known as AGASOM, this unites the Somali speaking people living in Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya
  2. The official name for the academy is Regional Somali Language Academy with its acronym AGASOM
  3. That the headquarter would be the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu
  4. AGASOM would have its own constitution written in Somali language only, this would govern the organization.
  5. The AGASOM would have its own flag and artistic emblem that consist of Somali alphabet
  6. AGASOM would have 7 board of directors selected from the member states, Somalia would have 3 members, Djibouti would have 2 members, Ethiopia and Kenya would have one member each
  7. States would respect all the decisions by the board of directors. They who should submit recommendations regarding proposed constitution for the AGASOM to the states in 3 months.
  8. The board of directors is chaired by the Secretary General; their mandate expires in two years, renewable for only one time. AGASOM would have a team of language experts among themselves. This team will help run the academy
  9. Some far reaching decisions and strategic planning towards developing the Somali Language by AGASOM should be submitted to information ministers of Somalia and Djibouti and also the leaders of Somali regional administrations in Ethiopia and Kenya for approval.
  10. Nation states and Somali regional states who are signatories to the establishment of AGASOM should meet November every year to evaluate the progress made by the academy
  1. The two presidents who laid the foundation stone of the academy made commitments towards the building of the academies headquarter premises. They also called for other signatories and business people from the member states to contribute.
  2. Member states would raise funds to run the AGASOM academy and also to conduct research projects for the language.
  3. To hold AGASOM conference in every two years at any member state’s city on 21st January
  4. After the establishment of AGASOM, the member states formed the board of directors and they are the following
  • Dr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah: Somalia: Secretary General
  • Dr. Abdinasir Ahmed: Ethiopia: Deputy Secretary General
  • Dr. Abdirashid Mohamed Ismael : Djibouti : Treasurer
  • Maryan Arif Kassim : Somalia : Member
  • Abdirashid Ahmed Omar: Kenya: Member
  • Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman (Shiraac) : Somalia : Member
  • Hashi Abdullahi Qorah : Djibouti : Member

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