Constitutional Review Commission concludes first phase of the constitution review

asho gelle




Constitutional Review Commission chairlady, Asho Gelle who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog news said that the first phase of the constitution review was concluded successfully and that commission will start second phase soon.
“Before reviewing constitution, you have to persuade the public about what you are doing and that is not easy work but the commission did its best complete the first phase and concluded well” Gelle said.
She added that the aerlier rifts between the government top leaders greatly affected their work.
Gelle said that the work of first phase was to read the draft constitution as to access defects within the constitution . She said they found two main defects namely technical one and political decisions such as where to be the capital city, and to determine the question of whether the country should have prime minister or deputy president.

“85% of draft constitution requires technical solutions while 15% needs political decision such the sharing of resource in the country and boundaries need to be specified” she noted.
Speaking about the obstacle they faced, the chairlady pointed outthe need for finance to run the work which she said that it should paid by the government so that the work can run smoothly instead of waiting for international community give fund .

“The main problem is expense, we are not suppose to be dependent on donors always, the government has to pay the expenditure the commission requires” the chairlady underlined.

Finally, Gelle called ministry for constitution to collaborate with her commission.

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