Two bodies found, 8 still missing in Beletweyne boat tragedy

Two bodies out of the ten people who were missing when a boat capsized in Beletweyne yesterday have been recovered.

Goobjoog News correspondent in the town reports divers located the bodies of the two one of whom was identified as a local business while the other was not immediately identified owing to facial injuries.

By Monday evening, ten people were still missing among them the advisor of HirShabelle president Dahabo Ahmed.

The bodies have now being transported to the mainland. Hiiraan mayor Saafiya Hassan Sheikh who herself was in the ill-fated boat but survived told reporters rescue efforts by last evening did not bear fruit.

The boat is reported to have been transporting about 20 people when it capsized in the floodwaters in Beletweyne town. The team who included Hiiraan regional administrators were spearheading relief efforts following the flooding which has displaced thousands of people.

Goobjoog News

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