Delegation led Somali minister for interior reaches Adodo town

A delegation led Somali minister for interior, Abdirahman Mohamed Odawaa has touched down at Adado airport on Monday.
The minister and his delegation were warmly welcomed at the airport by traditional elders, federal MPs and other civil society members.
Odawaa addressing the media details the reason behind their arrival saying “ we came here to oversee how Somali central state formation is going and put into effect the main points which are
• Commencing the second phase of the state formation conference
• To start negotiate with those who dissatisfied with the process of the conference
• Hold talks with the state formation technical committee, elders, intellectuals and politicians in Adado town.
The minister reiterated that the government is always ready to discussed with anybody but that the government will not accept anything intend to violate the meeting.
Adado town is hosting Somali central state formation conference which kicked off on 16th April this year.
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