Deni urges Farmaajo against JSC nominations, says illegal.

 Puntland president Abdullahi Deni has added his voice to the ongoing debate on the recent nomination of members to the Judicial Service Commission terming the move by the cabinet illegal.

 Speaking during the 22nd anniversary celebrations of Puntland state, Saturday, Deni said the outgoing cabinet did not have the powers under the Provisional Constitution to nominate members to the JSC.

 Noting that the current administration had violated the constitution severally, Deni urged president Mohamed Farmaajo not to allow further abuse of the constitution by approving the nominations.

 “I call on President Farmaajo to refrain from such conduct as this country is now recovering,” said Deni. “Let us not hold back this country and disintegrate it.”

 The nomination of the five individuals by the cabinet this past week has sparked sharp reactions from a cross section of the society. Lawyers, civil society organizations and politicians have lashed out at the government terming the nominations illegal and unprocedural.

 Deni also called for unity among the country’s leadership to ensure the ongoing talks in Dhuusamarreeb continue uninterrupted in light of changes in government. He noted the new prime minister who is yet to be appointed will have the critical role of shepherding the nation into elections within the constitutional timelines.

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Puntland state is the older federal unit in Somalia created in 1998.

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