Livestock assistant minister resigns ‘over Galmudug poll interference’

Livestock assistant minister Abdikarim  Khalif Dhalah has resigned over what he termed as Federal Government’s interference with the upcoming Galmudug state elections.

In a Facebook post Friday, Dhalah lashed at the Federal Government for ‘control of Galmudug state administration and interference with the election process which is against the wishes of the people of Galmudug and the country’s constitution’.

“I Abdikarim Khalif Dhala from today 20-9-2019, decided to end my tenure as the Assistant Minister of Ministry of Livestock and Forestry,” the post read in part.

“I am disappointed by the  Federal government’s interference with regional governments, particularly the Galmudug administration, which is currently undergoing a process that is beyond the aspirations of the people of Galmudug and the constitution of the country and could lead to political setbacks including in security, development and economy.”

He called on the federal government to uphold the country’s constitution and the federal system of Somalia.

The Minister’s resignation follows heated political debates on the role of the federal government in the upcoming poll. In a communique which was widely rebuffed by political leaders from the region, the Federal Government was ‘tasked with developing the framework for the upcoming elections’.

Regional governments have variously clashed with the federal government over what they claim to be Mogadishu’s attempts to influence who is elected in the state governments.


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