Dhusamareeb Security Tightened Ahead of   Prophet’s Birthday

Over hundred of security forces have descended on Dhusamareeb and its environs to tighten security as the annual Muslim celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBH) nears, with authorities saying they are ready to stop any attempt by al-Shabab to disrupt Somalis celebrating.

Police commandant in Dhusa-mareeb, Hassan Qoray town told reporters that security agencies had received intelligence reports about possible Al-Shabaab attacks in and around the town during the celebration prophet’s birthday, and that Somali security forces had taken all the necessary precautions to ensure public safety.

“Security forces have been quadrupled operations aimed to capture al-Shabab elements in the region. All security agencies are participating in the operation,” said Hassan.

This December Muslims will be celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad across the world.

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday provides a unique opportunity for Muslims to foster unity, love and understanding and to address the myriad of problems facing them.

Among Muslims (Shias and Sunni) there is a slight difference of opinion about how to celebrate Muhammad’s birthday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran proposed a week of Muslim Unity. It is called Week of Unity so that Muslims from both schools of thought can come together to honour the memory of the noble Prophet.




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