Diarrhea outbreak spreads at an alarming rate in Mahaas location, Hiran region

An imageof Mahaas location in Hiran region, HirShabelle State. Photo credit: Online.

An outbreak of diarrhea is quickly infecting many local people mostly children in Mahaas location and its surrounding areas in Hiran region of HirShabelle State.

Head of local admininstration of Mahaas town Mohamed Abdi Awale announced a sharp increment on the number of the local people infected with the disease on daily basis claiming the local hospital is unable to cope with the number of admitted people.

“An average of 100 people is infected on a weekly basis. We are admitting 5 to 10 people per day and the number of patients keep increasing. The disease is terrible affecting young children especially those below 7 years though even old people are not exempted from the disease” said Commissioner Awale.

Commissioner Awale noted the medical supply of the local hospital have been exhausted and appealed to the state and federal governments to come to their rescue adding the infected people hail from within and outside the location.

“The medical supply has been overstretched. The medicine is totally exhausted due to serving several surrounding locations and we appeal to the state and federal health ministries to come to the assistance of the hospital as they used to do before. ” lamented Commissioner Awale.

10 days ago Beledweyne provincial health director Ahmed Mohamed Khalif noted that nearly 400 local people who are mostly children have been infected with the same disease due to polluted waters in the Shabelle River in HirShabelle state.

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