Dozens hospitalized over malaria and cholera Outbreak In Madahaday

The numbers of people becoming infected with measles and water-borne diseases is growing at an alarming rate in Mahaday and some neighboring towns, says the administration.

Cases of severe diarrhea, malaria and cholera in the district are a serious concern, as it have low immunization rates, a shortage of clean water, poor sanitation and extremely poor health care systems.

Deputy district commissioner, Saalah Adan told Goobjoog News that people in the district were heavily affected by the rains and subsequent flooding that destroyed their houses.

He also said that outbreak of diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and cholera have let tens of people to be hospitalized in Mahaday hospital.

“The many people have been hospitalized with diseases like measles, malaria, diarrhea” he said.

He added “Our major concern is to monitor and detect new disease outbreaks in the town”

He urged aid agencies to assist the population, expressing concern about the possibility of the situation getting out of hand if help is not forthcoming.

“We urgently need more clinics that will provide basic health care services to the many people and they who will strengthen the reporting on new outbreaks.

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