EDITORIAL: First address an opportunity for President to build relations with House

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will be making his inaugural address to Parliament today and equally important seek approval for his choice of PM, Hassan Ali Khaire.

This is not only a constitutionally mandated practice but also a golden opportunity for the President to strike a rapport and working formula with the House. Unlike past presidents, Farmaajo will need to go the extra mile to finding the best possible option to engage in a healthy relationship between the two Houses-Lower and Upper Houses of the Federal Parliament.

The relationship between Parliament in the recent past and presidents have been one of love hate and in worst case scenarios punctuated by attempts to impeach the president either informed by genuine constitutional concerns or a House just holding the executive hostage.

The 10th parliament is largely cosmopolitan with a vibrant mix of the young, the old and more importantly women. A good percentage of the House is also made of new lawmakers.

President Farmaajo today has the chance to reset relations with the legislative arm of government; he will have to seek support across the board not only for his choice of PM but more importantly for long term relations. Critical especially now will be in response to ongoing drought which is ravaging various parts of the country and fast transforming into a famine.

Whereas it is within the province and prerogative of parliament to make its independent choice for PM, it is imperative that the decisions be informed by national good and interests.


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