Efforts to end Tensions in Puntland as Renegade General Threatens Government

Calanka PuntlandProminent elders, civil society and members from the state government have convened a meeting to discuss security crises created by a renegade general who rebelled agains the president who replaced him days ago.

The aim of the meeting was to adapt appropriate steps to end the situation before it turns into violence.

The elders said they are planning to send a delegation consisting of 25 people to Qarxis village to meet the rebel commander and then come back to Growe.

They also warned that they won’t accept anyone to destabilize the wellbeing and security of Puntland.

The rebelled General Ahmed Muhadin and his unit stations Qarxis Village in Nugal Region where his clan-mate members are populous.

He justified the reasons why he defected from Puntland state because of favoritism by Puntland president and unpaid salaries for months.

Puntland is relatively more stable than Central and southern regions of the country but this kind of rebellious are not unusual.


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