Egypt Hand over military equipment to Somali government

The Egyptian government has military equipment to the Somali government and pledged to increase the military support in a bid to give Somalia chance to bounce back on its feet.

Egyptian Ambassador to Somalia, Waliid Mohamed Ismael handed over the donation to the Somali Ministry of Defense, Abdukadir Sheikh Ali Diini at a well organized ceremony held in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The occasion was attended by government officials and diplomats.

“We gave vehicles, weapons, and uniforms to Somalia, it is for Somali National Army (SNA)’s Commandos, Danab’, we contributed office supply and military support to the ministry of defense of Somalia last year,” Egyptian Ambassador  told Somali National news Agency (SONNA).

Ismael added that the Egypt is planning to support and bring humanitarian assistance to Somalia as soon possible.

“Egypt does not support Somalia in terms of military only, but education, health and make investment,” noted Ismael.

On his part Defense Minister of Somalia, Diini thanked the Egyptian government for its permanent support.

“This military supply from our brothers-Egyptian government is intended for our special forces ‘Danab’ to fight against terrorism, We thank Egypt again and again, It used to support us from army training, scholarships, and health”, Mr. Diini said.

Somalia and Egypt had very strong and historic relations earlier and it appointed the current ambassador, Waliid Mohamed to Somalia late in 2014.

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